Transmog Tuesday


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I wanted to do my favorite Paladin set for the first Transmog Tuesady post. I recently obtained a mace and shield from the new raid, Siege of Org. I couldn’t believe how well they matched the Dragon Soul Tier set! Perfect!!



Mace- Immerseus Encapsulated Essence of Immerseus

Shield- Norushen Norushen’s Enigmatic Barrier


Redemption of a Holy Paladin Blog… Will it Work?


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A lot has happen since my last post back in April. The most important change was leaving our home server Tortheldrin due to the low population. As some of my readers might know, Tortheldrin only had one raiding guild during Tier 15 which was us, Arrested Development. I think people can agree that not having any competition can be very dull. Being able to compete with other raid teams on a server can give raiders something to push towards. Competing is just human nature. Another huge battle on a low pop server is the auction house. A raid team needs to be able to buy materials needed for progression. Herbs, gems, enchantments and other items of the sort were impossible to find. If you did find those items on the AH then they were WAY overpriced and in very short numbers. I was in charge of stocking the guild bank each week and it was just becoming a huge hassle to do so. I was pulling my hair out to make potions and flasks for the team. No bueno. :(  After expressing my feelings for Tortheldrin, I came to realize everyone else was pretty much feeling the same. It was time to move on. One guildie commented that transferring was like “breaking up with someone because its best even though you don’t really want to”. haha Tortheldrin, sorry but I want to see other servers and lets be honest, we gave it our best but it isn’t working out. </3 We finished our last raid at the start of June. When we left Tortheldrin, our progress was 1/13 Heroic T15. We decided to move to Mal’Ganis and its been amazing ever since! I will go more into our new server in a later post. :) You may notice that we had to change our guild name after transferring. Our guild is now known as <Still Standing>. We thought that was a fitting name since even after the “fall” of Tortheldrin, we are still standing.

Another big change was losing some raiders we had for a long time. Its always sad to see raiders friends leave the game but real life sometimes throws too much stuff to handle a game that requires many hours a week. Mandorgan, our resident Warlock left the game when we transferred, Bojax, our enhancement Shammy left shortly after our transfer, and our Shadow Priest, Schwank, left after transferring also. Losing people is hard but thankfully we found a great Rogue to fill in our missing DPS spot.

All in all, we love our new server. Sure each server has aspects that are not always the best but we are happier on Mal’Ganis. Its been one month since Tier 16 went live and we are 12/14 normal. I have recently really started working on pet battles so I may do some posts about pets. Stay tuned for news about our progression and even some random paladin posts.

Megaera Down!


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Sunday’s raid was interesting! Funniest part of the night — So, we were killing the trash before Megaera and forgot to click one of the gongs. We had to travel back up the ledges. This was probably one of the funniest “hurr durr” moments in a raid for me. Nine of the raiders were sitting at the geyser trying to get it to shoot them up. Well we were all on Mumble going “wtf why won’t it work?” , “I think its broken/bugged” ” for a good minute or two. All of a sudden someone goes “OHHHHH, you have to click it”. Way to go team! Way to go! Haha It was a great laugh. Well, we made it to Megaera and started to work on it. Shortly into it we noticed that we kept dying around the 5th head.

First off let me tell you the strat we had chosen. We were killing green,red,green,red,green,red,green and using 2 stack points for rampage. We decided to give a few attempts with killing a blue head. That order was green,red,green,red,blue,green, red. Doing a blue meant the tanks would take less damage towards the end but it also meant the raid having to deal with the blue frosty laser. It seemed that every time we dealt with blue’s mechanics that healers would get targeted so it kind of made it worse dealing with blue. We ended up coming up with a healing cooldown strat and stayed with just green red rotation. Things were definitely progressing more with just killing those two heads. We tweaked our healing cooldown rotation until it was perfect(or as perfect as we could get). Few more attempts and we downed Megaera! Below I listed our cooldowns rough draft we used and when we used them.

*Note the list is not completed (will be adding to it this coming Wed)

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 12.29.14 PM

Link to our WOL from this Sunday – World of Logs

Raid Day!


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Yippee! Raid day! So, here’s an update on our raiding progress.

This past Wednesday we cleared the first four bosses in Throne of Thunder with about thirty minutes to spare. We decided to call the raid early (which is super rare!) since the trash up to Megaera is kind of time consuming. All in all, the raid went pretty well. We did have 2 or 3 wipes on Tortos but it was only our 2nd time killing him/her. Tonight I am hoping to down Megaera and work on Ji-kun for the rest of the night. I’ll link our World of Logs report from this past Wednesday at the bottom and let you know later how tonight’s raid goes. Wish us luck! :D

World of Logs from Wednesday


Any tips for a low pop server raiding guild would be appreciated. How do you supply flasks, pots, and other items when you can not buy them on the AH?

Nalak and Oondasta Rant


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So, the server I am on is extremely low pop. I have told people about our low pop time and time again but I do not think they grasp the severity of the situation. Well, today Nalak unlocked. I was pretty early on in the day that it unlocked. I think it was right after lunch time so proabably like 1 or 2 pm. Normally you would see groups forming to down a new world boss, right? Not here on Tortheldrin. :( Few of my guildies and I spread the word in gchat and in trade chat that we, <Arrested Development>, would be putting a group together at 8pm for Nalak. Once time hit, I started forming the group. It is sad that while in trade chat spamming for people to come DPS or Heal (we had the tanks from our core group), no one was responding. Tortheldrin couldn’t even form a group for the new world boss! We were able to down him without a full 40 people since its a easy “tank and spank” but I am so surprised that we couldn’t even fill a group. After killing Nalak, we attempted to kill Oondasta. Sadly, since we picked up anyone from trade , we had a lot of fresh 90s and “baddies” in the group that couldn’t understand that they must stay spread for Oondasta. At this point, I was just devastated with how horrible Tortheldrin’s community is that I didn’t want to wipe for a long period of time. We gave it a good 3-4 attempts and finally it seemed people were understanding the mechanics. Things looked promising for the kill. Mind you, Tortheldrin has only killed Oondasta once and that was with many Xrealm people. Well, it seemed that I spoke too soon! One of Tortheldrin’s priests in the raid group Life Gripped a tank and that killed many people due to the frontal attack. Then, a few alliance showed up to help Oondasta finish off the rest of us. Excluding a few people on the server , Tortheldrin you disappoint me ! I would love to server transfer but that is a decision my raiders and I must agree on. I guess time will only tell if <AD> stays on this pathetic server. Blizzard, pleaseeeee fix low pop servers

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 8.04.35 AM

Low Pop WoW Podcast


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I wanted to share with everyone a podcast that I have recently discovered and been able to be a part of ! If you play on a low pop server, you can relate with most things that are discussed on this podcast. Hathorr, Low Pop WoW’s host, runs a x-realm T14 25m raid every Friday night! Check out this site for more info!

Paladin Dana was one of the guests for episide 2 and her fellow guildie was a guest for episode 3.

Itty Bitty Baby Pally…


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So, you are a fresh 90 paladin and want to heal? Here are some tips to help you gear up.

Let’s assume you are a fresh 90 in pre 5-man heroic gear. Greens and blues … sigh what poopy gear you are probably thinking. Don’t fret! There are plenty of ways to improve your ilvl and get you into heroic dungeons and Looking for Raid (LFR).

Goal: Boost your ilvl to get into heroic dungeons and LFR

1. Normal Dungeons. Focus on Mogu’shan Palace and Shado-Pan Monastary. This will help you gain ilvl with the 435 and 450 ilvl gear it drops. You need to have an ilvl of 450 to begin running heroic dungeons.

2. Scenarios. Right after dinging lvl 90, I recommend the scenario Proving Grounds. This scenario will reward you with a weapon that is ilvl 450. Doing a random scenario will give you a loot bag at the end with a chance of gear. Running random scenarios will also reward you with Valor Points (VP) that can in turn be used to buy epic gear from VP vendors.

3. Dailies. This is by far the most annoying part of gearing up, imo. You do need to do your dailies each day though. Once you are 90, head to Shrine of the 2 Moons (or the alliance version Shrine of Seven Stars, I believe) and you will be able to pick up quests that will get you started on your daily quest grind. Golden Lotus and Isle of Thunder dailies are the easiest ones to begin. Klaxxi dailies are located in the Dread Wastes and the quest hub will open up after questing in the Dread Wastes. Golden Lotus dailies open up after you talk with Anduin and finish the trials at the Temple of the White Tiger. Isle of Thunder dailies can be opened by accepting a quest to find a scout. Keep following that quest line and shortly you will be on the Isle of Thunder ready to start your dailies. Doing dailies will also reward you with Lesser Charms that you can turn in for Greater Charms to give you a chance at more loot during raids (LFR , normal, or heroic versions).

Icy Veins has great guides to the daily factions, Golden Lotus and Klaxxi .

Klaxxi Dailies

Klaxxi Dailies (Photo credit: Center4EduPunx)

4. Heroic Dungeons. You finally made it to ilvl 440! Start grinding random heroic dungeons and keep your eye on your VP and JP (Justice Points) to make sure you do not cap out. As I mentioned before, use your VP for epics you can buy with the different faction reps. As for JP, the biggest ilvl boost you can get from JP is turning it into honor. Sounds silly right? Yes, it does sound silly but you can get the biggest ilvl upgrade from honor gear. It might not be the best choice for PVE healing but it will get you into LFR faster assuming your main goal is to do LFR and raid.

5. LFR. Now you are ready for Looking for Raid! Hooray! Ilvl 460 will allow you to queue for Mogu’Shan Vaults. Ilvl 470 will allow you to queue for Heart of Fear and Terrace of the Endless Spring. Ilvl 480 will allow you to queue for the latest LFR Throne of Thunder. Here is where you will see simplified versions of the normal mode raid bosses, and will drop item level 476 gear and above.

Again, I am going to link a Icy Veins’ guide. I can’t help it! I love Icy Veins and I will probably continue to link them in many of my posts. They have a guide on gearing up and shows what is BIS from ilvl 419 to ilvl 535. Click HERE for the guide.

Start of a blog…


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ImageI’ve thought about starting a blog for quite some time but never knew what I wanted to blog about. Yesterday, while I was farming in World of Warcraft, I got a whisper about holy paladin healing. Time and time again, I get whispers about healing as a holy paladin. I do not consider myself to be a extremely skilled WoW player but I can carry my own when it comes to healing. If you asked me to dps, well that would be a different story! I have decided to start blogging about holy paladin healing and WoW raiding in general.   If you have any questions or topics you would like to see on this blog, please send me an email at and please check out the About Me section of this blog for a brief background.